Week 10: Imagining the Future

It’s so hard to try and grasp what my future career will look like through the scope of future technologies. That is partly due to the fact that at this current juncture I’m not entirely sure where I can end up. Most likely will end up on a media job somewhere, probably news, and probably reporting stories like I always thought I would. Or I’ll end up overseeing media projects like (for example) leading a production company for an organization like 2U which requires producers to create videos for their clients.

I think, honestly, what has happened and what will continue to happen is that the utility belt of reporters has become deeper. Think about this very class. Can you imagine college journalist students 2 decades ago taking a class like this? The industry was simpler. TV, newspaper, radio…that was about it. Now we need courses like this. Courses that are going to prepare tomorrow’s story tellers to work with an almost inconceivable amount of goodies that can not only further drive their stories but make them more profitable/competitive in the journalism marketplace.

I just know that if I end up working in a position where I need to report stories, that I will need to consider a very wide variety of options for virtually any shoot. Lets just say you had a seemingly boring story about street construction in NYC. It used to just be a story. Now I’ll have to ask myself, should I use a 360 camera to show to the site? An aerial shot with a drone? Should I 3d model it so people can navigate the scene? Technology is journalism now, and journalism is technology.

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