Week 9: Affect of Tech on Career

Going over some of the technology pieces we covered this week, I still have to gravitate towards the mobile VR system. This, while seemingly clunky, to me is the most user appropriate VR system on the market right now. Here’s why I say that:

Majority of people are not willing, nor have any plans of, shelling out real money on VR…yet. It’s just not on the masses radar. Tech people, gamers, journalists…they all have their finger on the pulse of VR and the impact it could have on their immediate careers. But Samsung, as much as I do not enjoy their products, is on the right track. Everyone has a phone. Just bring the VR to the item everyone already has and instead of making people invest in a new product they know nothing about, just integrate the new product into the already existing one that everyone in the world knows how to use.

That being said, if we can further the capabilities of phone-based VR I think that is the one way, as of now, that VR could really shake up the journalistic marketplace. NYT I think tapped into that already which is why I have a lot of respect for the fact that they are out in the field shooting things for 360 video and VR. Most of which can be watched from a phone. Get people excited about it by using what they already know…then they’ll be more likely to invest in the bigger and better versions in the future.

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