Week 8: Drones

The topic this week is how do I feel drones will affect my future career, or are they already? When it comes to drone impact on my current job in journalism the answer is no. While there are others in the career field in the military who are using drones, myself and my office are not deeply invested in drones. I don’t see the military getting behind their journalists using them very much for obvious security reasons.

However, I can definitely see drones becoming a go-to in any media/news agency’s arsenal. Being that that’s the type of industry that I plan to work for, I can see myself having to get at least mildly familiar with drones and having to consider them when scoping out how to shoot certain things.

We have toyed with the idea of using them during broadcast operations during the military…and we could likely get away with it without much of a hassle (which is not the right answer, but just being honest) yet unless we are paying for them ourselves, we aren’t getting them. Justifying that purchase to funding approval officials is just likely not in the cards.

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