Week 7: Sensor Idea

As told in my earlier post, I have always been curious as to the affects music has on the physical body. Everyone has heard a song that at one point gave them goosebumps, chills, or even made them cry. I want to use the following product (a body temperature detector) to see if certain artists that a listener enjoys induces any fluctuation in their body temperature.


This next product in particular is practically made for it:


This is a headset that measures your brainwaves in reaction to certain things. It even says in the description you can use it to measure your reaction to your favorite music. I find this idea fascinating. I imagine music can almost have the same affect on people as “foreign” substances does but I would love to conduct a study to find out how. Also, I would want to put certain artists to the test to see how impactful their music is to the human brain. That would be a fairly neat selling point as an artist.

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