Week 6: Pitch a VR Story

Amidst all of this news about the White House, and the future president meeting with Obama in it…I figure perhaps this could be a useful way to do an online tour of the White House. With all of the big meetings taking place in it, one would be able to walk around the halls and most famous rooms and it would be able to tell you in exactly what place at what times that the meetings where happening.

It would be like you walked into the Oval Office and there was a highlighted spot that said something along the lines of, “In this location president elect and Obama are meeting to discuss X, Y, and Z.”

While personally I probably wouldn’t spend too much time concerned about what was happening the White House that day…I’d be more interested in looking at the works of art on the wall and learning about the history behind everything I was seeing. But perhaps that would be a feature that this story could do as well; just on the side.

I still have a hard time believing that technology like this will have a huge impact in journalism because as of right now…but who knows. Years down the road there could be some new innovation that completely goes against that thinking. Hopefully I’m wrong cause I find it pretty cool.

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