Week 5: 3d Impacts

This is a very interesting week when it comes to interpreting how the future of my career could be affected by the technologies we have covered this week. As the professor stated, there may not be a plethora of applicable uses for these technologies as the industry is now. But I think if there is going to be a big use for them, it’s going to end up being for ways which might aid a story.

I used the example earlier of forensics examples. Say there was a murder or something, you could recreate the person and show how/where they were hurt. Or create interactive 3d models of someone who is involved in the news.

I don’t see one hugely over arching way in which these tools will rock the world of journalism…but I do think each of them in their own way may change the game a little. Broaden the spectrum of a lot of things. They can help shed a more detailed light on a lot of things which used to have to be up to people’s imaginations. Will people have the technology in their palms to host these types of tools in another aspect in itself. I do feel like it will be a solid few years before these things become commonplace and we start to begin to see just how there may be a market impact.

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