Unity 3D, Week 3

So this week we completed our very first Unity basic scene. Boy, do I have a lot to say about this.

Disclaimer: Unity seems like a very cool program. I have to work with different editing software every day and (for the most part) this is a pretty user-friendly application. It reminds me of a mix of Illustrator and Ableton in its layout. I had a lot of fun toying around with it and even found myself adding random add-ons from the store to just see what was offered. Unfortunately, there weren’t many free items for what I was looking for.

Anyways, first off…Unity is clearly not for the average persons computer. I was able to edit my project and export it then all of a sudden Unity would crash and not recover. Not with a restart, not with anything. I then realized it was my project it would not open. I could start a new scene…but not open the one I just started. HOW FRUSTRATING. The last step was to do my Quicktime video and post to this very blog. However, Unity seems to have other plans.

Luckily I was able to export the project before this began happening, so I was able to show my professor that I did indeed successfully complete the project and was not just making excuses. Hopefully this will still suffice for a complete grade.

All in all I had a fun time building a scene. Assuming I can find a way to work around these major glitches I very much look forward to building more scenes, assuming that’s what we’ll do. I want to just play around on the program and see what I can do. If there is a way to build figures in it I would toy around and build my house or something.

If someone is avid enough at this program I can definitely see how this can be a useful tool in VR. I also really enjoyed the head-bobbing feature when exploring your scene. All in all, really enjoyed this.

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