Innovator’s Dilemma: Week 2

So as I reflect on innovations in the media which disrupted the industry for better or worse, and made a lasting impression, I can’t help but think of a distinctly cliche answer. That answer being social media. Now I know what you’re thinking…social media, no crap he said social media. But here me out.

When referring to social media, social media was not always the “social media” we know today. Think about when you first made a Facebook page in 2007 or sometime around there. Your entire news feed was not populated with news sites, memes, auto-play videos, and everything else that it is today. I was simple. You had your friends, and that was about that.

It worked at the time. But media agencies and the social media sites themselves wised up to the potential. However, if you think about the Innovator’s Dilemma graph; social media was a bit of a flop at first. I was cool, but it wasn’t THAT cool. You had Friendster, Myspace, even AIM. These went almost as fast as they came. Once Myspace began to decline people didn’t see social media as an idea which had the utmost continuity.

Facebook’s ability to evolve changed that. Granted, Facebook started out as a crude personal rating system for Harvard students. But, that was disruptive enough. Enough for them to figure out how to work the system and become what they are today.

Now, social media is THE source for media. I would argue even more so than television. If it isn’t now, I certainly think it will be in the not so far away future.

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