Emerging Media Platforms-Week 1-The Influence of Technology

In this weeks course, we learned about a slew of varying technologies which either have, almost did, or are currently changing the media landscape. These ranged from older mock-ups of the current internet by AT&T, to digitally mapping fingertips which were innovative in 2009.

Today, such landmarks in technology have really started to create their footprint in our media world. I could most likely log onto Facebook right now and in less than a minute find a 360 video, a Facebook live video, or some other newly emerging piece of programming which has created a newly immersive experience for social media users. Industries are finally starting to embrace these things and the technology has come far enough to where it may start to make a huge impact on how media companies go about telling stories.

I was told once not very long ago that if your degree says “journalist” these days, that really doesn’t have a definition anymore. As of now in 2016, if you are a “journalist” at an outlet which has a respectable social media presence then yes, you probably write stories. But you most likely are a social media manager, producer, writer, editor, publisher, and talent. You are required to think on the forefront of whatever is next. That means as I further my career in journalism, who know what is going to be expected of me. I remember when I was in my undergrad and I went into broadcasting I (naively) only ever say myself having to talk and report stories. Ha…ya right. There could be a new technology that hits the market tomorrow which audiences want to engage in that may constitute the whole of my journalistic existence at a company soon down the road.

I think what is most important is to stay flexible. Adapt to change, and be aggressive. It’s either you can embrace new technologies and make them work for you, or you will get left behind for lack of evolution. That’s how evolution works after all, survival of the fittest.

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