Ad-Blockers Be Praised!

Or should we be praising ad-blockers? As consumers, and as a normal internet adventurer, I say of course! How great is it to not have to deal with pesky ads while you’re watching Hulu or to never have to see a pop-up again? Yes, software like this exists and it’s free and legal. Believe me, I use it. But the below article describes how this poses a big issue for advertisers and companies like Google who make a huge profit off of being the facilitator for many companies to get their ads and messages out.

Now Apple has included this option in Safari and iPhones. Now the average American who is about as good at in depth technology tweeking as changing the background on their phone can easily start to utilize the benefits of ad blockers that us people who know our way around the internet have been using for years.

Unfortunately for the advertisers, that lowest common denominator of tech-noobs were easy ad space and doops to the features technology could use to thwart the efforts of advertisers technology. But, it’s all on now.

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