Journalism Claims and Politics

The post I am making is about an article written by the Guardian at the following link:

I found this article to align very well with out topic of journalistic claims and whether they are true/how they can be trusted. In this article, a journalist claimed that a politician was sexually harassing one of his prior employees how apparently quit because of inappropriate advances made towards her.

In response, this politician (who wants to be Prime Minister of Trinidad) defended himself and said these were bogus claims. The journalist simply came back to challenge the politician to a lie detector test if he’s not lying.

But the underlying point of bringing this article into discussion is how claims by journalists can have resounding affects on the world around them. Was this journalist lying? Who knows. They outwardly called out the politician and challenged them to a lie detector test so they must feel they have some leg to stand on. But regardless, the claim has been published and the moment such claims by journalists reach the public, damage has already been done.

Do you feel this is a good representation of how unproven journalistic claims can influence others?

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