Week 5 Post: Slaying of Atheist Bloggers in Bangladesh

For this weeks assignment we are to reflect on an article of our choosing which is regards to media law and censorship of social media. I chose an article on an event which took place recently involving multiple atheist bloggers in Bangladesh. The link is as follows:


The reason I chose this one is because it truly touches on the issues involving many countries and censorship. However, what makes this one unique is that the punishment was not inflicted by a state-mandated law. Instead, the religion of Muslim has such a strong hold in the country that citizens took a brutal vigilante justice into their own hands.

I like this article because I think it brings a whole different aspect of discussion to the topic. Sure, it’s pretty black and white about what you can and cannot do on the internet when the government makes laws about it. But what grey area is involved legally when an entire society wants to brutally murder someone in a country that has an overwhelming majority view? This investigation is still pending but it gets even more interesting when the country in question does not hold their citizens as accountable for such actions as they do in the US. Or, if the governing parties are also so blindly religious that they support the murderer instead of the free speech activist because their beliefs align.

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